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Inspired by Asian beauty rituals, Sephora has created these eye masks in the form of fiber patches with specific formulae
offering solutions for every skin type's unique needs.

What it is: 
A line of natural fiber masks, each with specific skin care benefits. 

What it does: 
Each of these masks is infused with a different active ingredient to replenish skin's nutrients, provide a boost of vitamins, and achieve a brighter, more revitalized eye look. The new fiber masks adhere perfectly to the contours under the eye for better penetration of active ingredients. 

GINSENG eye mask

Mask enriched with natural ginseng root extract:
- Provides a tightening effect on the skin around the eyes
- Stimulates and revitalizes the eye area
- For toned and energized look.


Mask enriched with natural pomegranate fruit extract:
- Reduced the signs of fatigue
- Awakens and tones the eye contours
- For a rested, free from fatigue and energetic look.

LINGZHI eye mask

Mask enriched with natural lingzhi extract:
- Helps minimize the signs of aging around the eyes
- Replumps the skin, making the eye contours smoother
- For a more youthful look.

LOTUS eye mask

Mask enriched with natural lotus flower extract:
- Locks water into delicate eye contour skin to ensure durable moisturizing
- Reduces the signs of fatique and strain
- For a fresh, stress-free and rested eye contours.

HONEY eye mask

Mask enriched with natural honey extract:
- Nourishes and soothes the fine, delicate skin around eyes
- Offers instant relief to this sensitive zone
- For velvety-soft, replenished and balanced eye contour skin

PEARL eye mask

Mask enriched with natural origin white pearl:
- Evens out eye contour skin and helps minimize irregularities
- Illuminates the skin for more beautiful eyes
- For a look that is uniform, fresher and radiant.

ROSE eye mask

Mask with natural rose extract:
- Replenishes delicate eye contour skin with water for an intense moisturizing
- Gives an immediate radiance boost
- For a plumper, fresher and brighter look.

GREEN TEA eye mask

Mask enriched with natural green tea leaf extract:
- Gives a cool, fresh sensation to eye area
- Decrumples the skin around eyes and provides a smoothing effect
- For a fresh and wide-awake look.

AVOCADO eye mask

Mask enriched with natural avocado extract:
- Offers intense nutrition to the fine skin around the eyes
- Brings instant comfort to this delicate area
- For eye contour skin that is supple and soothed.

ALGAE eye mask

Mask enriched with algae extract from natural origin:
- Tones and detoxes the skin
- Helps eliminate impurities that dull the eye contour
- For eyes that appear well-rested, fresh and sparkling.

ORCHID eye mask

Mask enriched with orchid flower extract from natural origin:
- Reduces wrinkles and sings of age
- Moisturizes and evens the eye contour
- For firmer skin and more youthful; looking eyes.

GRAPE eye mask

Mask enriched with grape extract of natural origin and smoothing ingredient, these mask:
- Tone the delicate eye contour
- Diminish the visibility of wrinkles, lines and crow's feet
- For skin that appears firmer and visibly smoother.

LYCHEE eye mask

Enriched with lychee extract of natural origin and moisturizing ingredient, these mask:
- Instantly hydrate the skin
- Boost the radiance of the eye area
- For skin that is quenched and visibly sparkling eyes.

CUCUMBER eye mask

Enriched with cucumber extract of natural and de-puffing ingredient, these masks:
- Immediately soothe the delicate eye contour
- Reduce the aspect of under-eye puffiness
- For a relaxed, fresh and wide-awake look.

Net wt.: 1 x 6 g / 1 x 0.21 oz.

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