HUDA BEAUTY Kahlana #21 Classic False Lashes

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What it is
Huda Kattan and fashion and beauty editor, Kahlana Barfield Brown, join forces to introduce the Huda Beauty latest lash; KAHLANA #21.

Inspired by Kahlana’s distinctly bold and effortlessly cool style, this lash combines extra length & natural volume that can emphasize any makeup look. With double-stacked, and crisscrossed, wispy fibers, KAHLANA #21 will give your eyes natural volume, and flattering length without looking overtly ‘faux’.

How to use
* Gently remove lashes from the tray, starting from the outer edge, and wiggle to loosen the band.
* Rest the strip along your lash line and trim the lash as needed to ensure the perfect fit for your eye shape. The strip should start where your natural eyelashes begin and end.
* Apply a thin layer of glue (sold separately) along the band of the lashes. As a general rule, the glue should be no wider than the band of the lashes. Wait a few seconds for it to go tacky before application.
* Using tweezers, place the lash where your natural eyelashes begin. Look down and press the strip lash against your lash line in the center, the outer edge and inner corner.

What else to know
Kahlana’s a straight-up boss and Huda chose to work with her for that reason! Together, they designed a beautifully wispy, synthetic lash representative of Kahlana’s distinctly bold and effortlessly cool style. Bound to a clear band, the Kahlana #21 Lash delivers lightweight comfort to the eyes. The specific synthetic fibers used to create these epic falsies beautifully mimic natural hairs, allowing the full set of lashes to blend seamlessly into the lash line for the most natural effect.

The unique, layered crisscross design was our innovative solution to help us achieve a voluminous yet wispy lash look that would be flattering for every day! Designed with longer synthetic fibers along the edges, these classic lashes gently elongate the appearance of the eyes accentuating your naturally flawless features.

“Kahlana is killing it!” says Huda. “She does it all and does it all so effortlessly. Kahlana was the perfect person to collaborate with on a beautifully elegant, yet edgy and cool everyday lash. As a beauty director and fashion icon, we insisted on creating a lash together that worked for the hectic daytime schedule of an editor and could easily transform into something elegant enough for evening events and galas. This lash does it all, just like Kahlana!”

Kahlana was working as Beauty Director of InStyle the first time she met Huda and Mona, and they had an instant connection! “After a few minutes of chatting, I quickly recognized why their company has had the success it’s had. Their genuineness is rare in a space of so many opportunists, and that’s truly what makes them different,” says Kahlana.

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