Dear customers,

We observe a surge of questions about status of our services. Please rest assured that despite current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still operating as usual. We work full time and don't expect this to change anytime soon. We process all our orders, including most foreign orders (we might need to cancel occasionally orders to locations where it is known that postal services are suspended) as usual. Also the dispatch time hasn't changed at all. Only bear in mind that courier services might have additional delays. All stock available in our shop is stored locally and we expect to be able to send orders even in case of strict lock-down as long as there are any operating postal companies left. We also work hard to keep getting new stock delivered, current situation with supply chains is quite complex, but it's changing dynamically. We monitor current situation on an ongoing basis and we'll keep you updated in case of any changes.

We'd also like to calm down our customers concerned with virus transmission - we care a lot about maintaining cleanliness, hygiene and sterility when handling our orders. We work in a clean environment, wearing face masks and disposable gloves which are frequently disinfected, in order to protect all items from any potential contamination.

Please be strong and positive - the sun always shines after the storm.

Wishing you and your families to stay safe and healthy.

Aemon Team

Service Status

Order processing
No impact

We work full-time and orders are dispatched with no delays.

UK Delivery
No impact

UK delivery services have returned to levels comparable to those seen before pandemic, although some sporadic local delays cannot be fully ruled out.

Worldwide Delivery
Minor impact

Most national delivery services are operational. Some locations are reporting delays due to a reduced workforce and local lockdowns. So please bear in mind, if you live in a location that has been hit with increased infections, delivery services are very likely to be slower than usual. But our items are being currently succesfully delivered to most locations without any issue, even those most affected, like USA, Brazil, Israel, Italy, Germany or Spain. But please check the status of your national postal service before making an order. We may need to cancel any orders to locations where postal services are suspended according to the following Royal Mail status page. If this will sadly need to happen, we'll issue the full refund immediately.

Updated: 07/07/2020

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