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Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Foundation, Powder

Product Type: Beauty Tools, Synthetic

What it is:
A set of 4 mini vegan* brushes for your eyes and face. Slip them into your bag or suitcase and you can do your whole face and eye make-up on the go!

What it does:
4 mini vegan* brushes for your eyes and face:

An all-in-one complexion brush that suits all types of foundation, whatever their texture (liquid, cream or powder). The thick, rounded head is perfect for loading with foundation, then applying it and blending it in without overloading your make-up.

A round-tipped eye-shadow brush that’s great for applying an eye-shadow base right across the eyelid, or in a more precise way to achieve an ombre effect.

A flat-tipped, beveled eyeliner brush for drawing neat lines all along the upper and/or lower lashes. You can use it with liquid or cream eyeliner or slightly moistened eyeshadow.

A spoolie brush to brush your eyebrows, set your eyebrow make-up and give your brows a natural look.

What it includes:1x All-in-one Complexion Brush
- 1x Round-tipped Eye Shadow Brush
- 1x Flat-tipped Eyeliner Brush
- 1x Spoolie Brush

What else you need to know:
*Bristles made from synthetic fibers

Multi-purpose complexion brush:
Load the brush with foundation (cream, powder or liquid) and make circular movements all over the face, working from the outside inwards and not forgetting the neck.

Useful tip: if you’re using a powder, remember to pay special attention to the T zone (chin, nose, forehead)!

Eye brush:
Load the brush with dark eye-shadow then place it in the inner corner of your eye, close to the upper lashline. Blend across the eyelid with little movements.

Eyeliner brush:
Moisten the brush if required and load with the eyeliner. Start with the brush at the inner corner of the eye and draw a line towards the center of the eyelid, stopping half-way. Then put the brush at the outer corner of the eye. Draw a line to meet the first one. You can also use this brush to apply eyebrow powder or gel.

Eyebrow brush:
Use the spoolie to position and smooth your eyebrows.

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Sephora-travel brush set


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